Fat Nat’s Eggs: no frills, all food

A couple weeks back the Polar Vortex roared it’s ugly head for the second time. When Saturday morning hit, I was going stir crazy. So while most people stayed off the road, we kicked the all wheel drive into high gear and headed to Fat Nat’s Eggs for a old school diner breakfast.


Fat Nat’s is a “no frills” breakfast joint located off of 252 in Brooklyn Park (although there are multiple locations). Nestled in a rather unassuming strip mall, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When you walk in you are greeted by a sign to add your name to the seating list. A server then comes over and escorts parties to their tables. Seating is simple and straight forward— but the scents wafting from the kitchen caused instant hunger pangs.


The no frills attitude is evidenced in the menu as well.


I am pretty traditional when it comes to breakfast but with this being my first visit, I thought it only fitting to try one of their specialities. So I channeled my dad and went straight for the biscuits and gravy while my boyfriend opted for the breakfast slider.


When my biscuits and gravy arrived I knew there was no way I was going to “clean my plate”. The portion was HUGE– literally four oversized biscuits just smothered is gravy-deliciousness. Oh, and did I mentioned it was accompanied by a monster sized plate of hashbrowns and two eggs!


And the slider looked pretty amazing as well. Stacked high with meat, eggs and hollandaise– it appeared this was a can’t miss!


The staff was on top of their game, waters always full and quick service. The food definitley “hit the spot” for my nagging breakfast need. I would absolutley return when on the hunt for a traditional diner atmosphere and food!

Check out Fat Nat’s Eggs website to look at locations and their monster menu!


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