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Great work Southdale!

As a lover of all things shopping, I was excited to hear that Southdale Mall is now the home to Madewell. In the past we were only allowed to covet items via the web but now I can touch, see, and take it all in at the iconic Edina mall.

The store is modest in size but filled to the brim with quality pieces ranging from basic to splurges. Southdale did it right by enticing Madewell to make Edina their home. I can’t wait to go back!

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“This one’s for the GIRLS…”




My first… wedding show (continued)


I owe huge apologies (I know you were all waiting with bated breath) but I forgot to post the wedding dresses that KG and I saw at the Unveiled wedding event a few weekends ago. Again, my apologies but here are some of the dresses we saw– also sorry that that there will be no pictures of KG trying on dresses as we must keep those under wraps!

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My first…Becky and Monique weekend (in AGES)

A few months back my mom heard about a weekend shopping “fair” called the Junk Bonanza. She was told it was a vintage sale and that it was a blast. We knew nothing else, and we were sold. I bought tickets and we decided to make a weekend out of it. As the date drew closer we decided to make a 5 day go of it. Not just the Junk Bonanza but the girls weekend! We had such a great time and I was so thrilled to have my mom on my “turf”.

Rather than doing a run down of all of the fun stuff we saw/did, I thought I would simply do a picture entry—highlight reel if you will. Hope you enjoy!!

Junk Bonanza

Cash register reel

Sock... boy?

got meat?


lots of extras

watch mechanism

for you Al--- all sheet music

Iowa everywhere...

Emerson Kicker, aye?

Crib springs as picture frame--- my "big" purchase!

Doll molds... in a jar... interesting

love her!!

Bachman’s Florist

i die...


Perfect Irish Coffee

The Mix

want the mirror


Owner called it the "Asian Room"


goes on and on and on...

Nordstrom Rack 

Mens 22 vs Women's 7.5

The Loon

says it all

Ummm... yes please!

Almost as good as Beck's

The older I get the more and more fun I have with my mom. The above pictures are great but nothing compares to the actual time we got to spend together. Whether going to a bonanza or sitting in the cold drinking Irish Coffee everything is better when she is around. So I suggest you have a mom date, a mom weekend… heck just call your mom– she loves you and as I have learned, she’s your biggest cheerleader!!!


Love you Mom

Dressskirt or Skirtdress?!

The first time… I re-purposed a dress

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t find anything to wear. I mean nothing. I woke up at 5:15 AM (kind of unheard of for me) to have breakfast with some great girlfriends before work. While I was excited to go, not finding something to wear is NOT the way to start the day. I think I put on about four or five outfits before I spotted a grey tube dress I bought a couple years ago…

a blank canvas

I tried it on with a cardigan… but didn’t love the look. So I was standing in front of the closet thing “REALLY… how do I not have ANYTHING to wear!?!?!” Then it came to me, yesterday I got the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog and saw this awesome cranberry colored maxi skirt. While I could not order the skirt and have it delivered that very moment, I realized I had my very own maxi skirt in the grey tube dress I had re-discovered. So the re-purposing began, and I like the outcome!

nice transition, right?!

I was thrilled when a few people at work told me they liked it as well, so I think it will be added into the rotation! I mean Luke even liked it! Woohooo for repurposing!


Getting all caught up!

Day 94: What you’re doing now 

After having been in Mexico for over a week I was ready to have some American cooking. So tonight I whipped up some Beer Brats and onions with a side of salt and vinegar potato chips. Back to reality and the workout grind tomorrow.

Smell delicious

Day 93: View from your bedroom window

Currently, it is completely dark outside my bedroom window. But a weekend or so this was my view (cue the collective awwwww)!

Franklin in the shade

Day 92: Something weird in your house

My favorite little dish scrubber

The Dishman

Day 91: Something that made you smile today

The loot

Day 90: Current school or work photo

Since I have not been at work for about 10 days now… this would be my most current work photo

me @ "the office"

Day 89: What’s in your fridge

Thankfully I stopped by the grocery today as this morning this bad boy was very empty.

Fridge half full

Day 88: Your bathroom 


Day 87: Something you hold dear to your heart

Ever since I was a little girl I remember the brass giraffes at my grandmother’s house

Day 86: Something your mom bought you 

Ever since my travels to Japan I have loved all types of busts and was so excited when my mom got me this one. I love the bright green and it is perfect for my “international” guest room!

"Say Cheese"

Day 85: Something pink 

This was one of the beautiful Hawaiian flowers that I received for my birthday… hope to see them next time in HAWAII!


Day 84: Favorite pair of shorts 

I don’t wear a ton of shorts as I am more of a skirt and dress gal but these are my FAVORITE sleeping shorts. They are super soft and comfy, I wish I would have bought multiple pair.


Day 83: The moon tonight 

No moon out right now…. but how about this sunset!


Sunnies and Meds

Okay, after hearing my friend Ashley tell me she gets mad when I don’t blog, I thought I better not let her down again. So here is yesterday and today!! Thanks again for all the birthday love and wishes!!
Day 78 – Your sunglasses

I have heard a number of things said about my glasses “Those are HUGE”, “They look like butterflies on your face”, “Could those be any bigger?” But I don’t care. I love these sunglasses beyond words! They are huge, they do kind of look like butterflies, and I am not sure my face could handle glasses any larger– I think they are fantastic and I love wearing them!!

Thanks to the saleslady for making me go for it!

Day 77 – The last thing that you bought

Unfortunately Mother Nature gave me a birthday gift that I cannot return– either a head cold or adult onset allergies. Both are unwanted and both are being treated with an aggressive regimen.

Meds, Meds, Meds

Now off to one of my new favorite restaurants in town. Pictures to come! Cheers!

Weekend Recap (Day 72-74)

Day 74: Something you found under the bed

I have quite a few subscriptions to various types of magazines and when I find something I like, I pull the page and keep it. I figure this takes less room than keeping the entire magazine. Whether the articles include a recipe, work out regimens, shopping or travel tips I keep them for reference, and apparently this stack need some organizing.

Exploration under the bed



Day 73: Your lunch

As you know, last week was Easter. Instead of having dinner at home my girlfriend Katie and her fiancée Emerson invited people over for R-I-B-S and they were delish. I was thankful for the invite but had a left over ham and all the fixings still at home. So on this dreary and cold “spring” day I had a belated Easter meal. It was pretty good although I was not in love with the ham. (This was also a first for me as I have never prepared a ham in my life… not sure I will do it again. I realized I love bacon much more than ham and that takes quite a bit less prep)

Ham-Taters-Green Bean Casserole- Biscuits

Day 72: A stuffed animal 

This little guy requires some back story. My friend’s Kristin and Scott hosted a super rad 80’s Christmas Party. At the part there was a white elephant gift exchanged in which the host and hostess provided all of the 80’s themed gifts. While this was not my gift per say I did poach him from his Uptown home and he has been happily living on the other side of town. Someday he may make the trek home but not today.

Sleepy Time

“Pipe down Lois”

Day 57: A picture of everything in your purse/backpack/wallet

No one ever really wants to see inside a girls purse… and this is why, nothing exciting! But enjoy!

planner, tanning lotion, passport, wallet, keys, lip gloss.... nothing too exciting

Day 56: A drawing of your favorite cartoon character

So I must admit as a child I don’t recall any one cartoon standing out… or even really watching that many. Anyway as an adult I have developed more of an appreciation– and this drawing, well, I kind of impressed myself.

looks good, right?

you are what you… wear?

Day 55: What you were wearing today

Today the high was finally in the 70s so I felt it appropriate to bust out a dress (all be it a long one). Unfortunately for picturesake I went to the gym after work, and the dress is now a wrinkly mess but here for your viewing pleasure is what I wore from head to toe. I must savor this day; the sun on my shoulders at lunch, and the cool air as I breezed out of the gym and into the grocery, for they are forecasting a hateful word this weekend S _ _ _. Once again making me wonder, why do I live here?

as with most clothes it looked better on

a glittery little purchase from the weekend

Sprints and Smiles

Day 53: A picture of something you recently bought

With this new running adventure I realized that I was in dire need of some new shoes. I have been on the hunt for a few weeks now as I am very particular about running shoes. I hate white tennies as I found it makes me feel like I am wearing UFOs on my feet. When I spotted these I knew the hunt was worth it; can’t wait to break them in tomorrow!

run run run

Day 52: A picture of yourself celebrating making it this far (in the challenge)

All smiles