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Ever feel the urge to get out of town?? This is where I want to be today…

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“JFK moment” of our generation

This morning one of my staff asked us to share where we were 11 years ago today. Hard to believe it has already been 11 years. This was my response:

I was sitting at the computer at my parent’s house in their home office—on Tuesdays we had block scheduling so I didn’t have school until 10 or so. I was chatting with my friend Ryan on AIM when he simply stated “Is your tv on?” I said, “No” and he told me to turn it on immediately. It was then that I saw that horror that was occurring on our own soil. I sat in shock, fear, and disbelief. I literally felt as though the world was ending and I was sitting at home, alone. My heart sank and my immediate thought was, oh my word, what about my brother. See my brother lived in Rhode Island and would sometimes go into city. Every day is different for him and needless to say I was in a panic—I called my parents to let them know what was going on and feverishly called Jamison in attempt to get some sign that he was okay—to no avail.

I went to school with a heavy heart not only for those who I knew were in the towers when they fell but for their families and the unknown surrounding my brother’s whereabouts. I remember driving with the top down on my little LeBaron and waiting too long at a stop sign simply looking at the sky and thinking anything is possible in this moment—if there, why not here? I went to my AP American History class where the teacher simply turned on the tv and we watched in complete silence. That day most people were walking zombies. Lots of tears and uncertainty.

Thankfully in the middle of the night we received a call from my brother that he was okay and was not in the city when the attacks took place. I was so grateful for his safety but was only beginning to get a taste of just how bad things were as accounts were relayed from people who were close to the towers when they fell.

It goes without saying that this day not only changed the face of the nation but how I see the world and who I am as a person. This was our generation’s “JFK moment”—I didn’t want one of these in my life time.