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Do you Surdyk’s?

As I write this, I am kind of embarassed that I have never written about one of the best businesses in NE Minneapolis. What is the establishment to ask? Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese Shop. In living here for nearly five years, Surdky’s has been my go-to liquor store; whether I need wine to pair with fish, vodka for a bloody bar, or some delicious whiskey for the rocks, Surdyk’s has it all.

Surdyks 1

In addition to the largest selection of wine, beer, and liquor that I have ever seen, Surdyk’s touts one of the best cheese shops in Minneapolis, if not the entire state. The shop feature speciality cheeses, gourmet crackers and desserts, prepared sandwiches, salads and take home entrees; oh and how could I forget about the softest caramels at the register!? Once again, Surdyk’s shows they have it all.

Last but not least, Surdyk’s has incredible customer service, great prices, sales, an awesome loyalty program and can’t miss wine, liquor and beer tastings Thursday-Saturday.


Stop over to their location in Northeast, or check out Surdyk’s Flights at MSP airport before your next flight. If you just can’t wait, hop on over to their website as Surdyk’s is an absolute can’t miss!


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Cucumber Dreamin’ (yes, it’s a thing)

As you may or may not know, I pretty much live for warm weather. In honor of the glorious weather we have been experiencing (70s-100s on any given day) I wanted to try Prairie Organic Spirits “new” Cucumber Vodka.


As with other Prairie spirits, the bottle is gorgeous and the label just perfect. Keeping with a clean, crisp idea in mind, I opted to simply pair the Cucumber Vodka with Diet Tonic, few slices of cucmber and a large sphere of ice.

Even before drinking, the cocktail smelled incredible. The only descriptor I am able to come up with is that it smelled exactly like a home-grown cucumber that had been freshly plucked from the garden. The label and tag capture it much better than I can.



The taste was extremely smooth and clean just as expected. That being said, I was super surprised by the sweetness of the drink. It is my assumption that the tonic also enhanced the sweetness. So when I mixed up the second round, I added a splash of water as well.


This vodka is so delicious, my mind could not help but wander to all the possible uses/mixes for this delectable vokda. A few that came to mind: Bloody Mary (for someone who prefers smooth v. spicy), Cucumber on the Rocks, a twist on the Vodka Dirty Martini– adding jalapenos instead of olives, and a Cucumber Watermelon Margarita.

Just as with the orignal Prairie Vodka and Gin, Prairie Spirits has done it again! I am so proud to support this Minnesota company.

Cheers (summer please stick around)!!!

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Ice Ice Baby

Prior to the Eric Applen Memorial Golf Tournament, my girlfriend picked me up and off to Starbucks we headed. Being that it was a warm summer morning I knew that I wanted something cold and refreshing, but didn’t know what that “looked like”. Until it came out of Madge’s mouth “Venti iced green tea…unsweetened”.


With one sip, my addiction began. While reasonably priced, it is pretty hard to find a Starbucks in the Twin Cities outside of a Target. So I was thrilled when I was strolling down the grocery aisle and found the same Tazo Iced Green tea bags that Starbarks uses in their stores. They are super reasonably priced and make a ton more than you get in a single serving at the store.

Needless to say, this girl is in heavenly… daily!


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Tequila! (Come on channel your inner Pee Wee)

Saturday night I ventured to Barrio in Edina for some pre-dinner drinks to celebrate my boyfriend’s little sister’s birthday (don’t worry she is of age). Even though there are 3 locations in the cities, I have only visited the Minneapolis watering hole.

The large open space echoes many of the aspects you find at the downtown location. Similar decor, energetic atmosphere, and the same awesome menu.


Initially I was going to go the standard margarita route and order the Trinity. But then I spotted it, Enter the Dragon.


Yup, you read that correctly. Passion fruit and Fresno peppers… yes, please!


I am uncertain how to perfectly describe this drink. Honestly the first thing that came to mind was Hawaii. “This tastes like Hawaii in a glass”. But that does little good for you as a reader…

The front end of this drink has a smooth creaminess that you may come to expect of the passion fruit, while the back end provides the kick you would know is coming with a fresno pepper. This drink has perfect balance as there is just enough spice begging you to take another sip but not so much so that you want to slide it back to the bartender and ask for something else.

Honestly, the only thing that could have made this better would have been sitting on the patio, in the sun, wearing a dress, and wedges. Mother nature did not work in my favor but this drink was divine. I will be heading back for this drink and maybe some fresh made guac and chips!

Want check out Barrio?? Click below!!/CocinadelBarrio”>!/CocinadelBarrio


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Ummm have you been to Caribou lately? Obviously living in Minnesota, they are EVERYWHERE. Anyway, last Thursday I went to a Caribou in St. Louis Park to work on a group project for school. I knew that I could not do coffee (I would be up all night) and I was surprisingly lusting after something cool (I am in the mood for spring). I was thrilled to see there was a Smoothie menu and was even more enticed by their offerings. Once I spotted the White Peach Berry smoothie and I knew it had to be mine!



Warning… not healthy but I justified by letting it serve as my dinner. I will seriously be getting this again soon. I imagine it could be very refreshing after a long night… of drinking.


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Stir it up… little darlin’… stir it up

A few weeks back it was recommended that I try the new Crown Royal Maple Whiskey. As a lover of whiskey and most things maple, I was very excited to try. So the weekend before last we went for it. Of course I had to try the first taste on it’s own; smooth robust flavor with just the right hint of sweet, nothing overpowering.

That being said I wanted to see how it would “mix”. I didn’t have a ton of mixers on hand but opted to try mixing the Maple Whiskey with Orange Juice. Here are some shots of the progression…


If you are at all familiar with a “Panacke” or “Breakfast” shot, this drink is along the same lines only better. I suggest sipping it with lots of ice as it is great extremely chilled– but I loved using the spheres so as to avoid insta-melting that often occurs with regular ice cubes. Being on the sweet-ish side, this would be a great alternative to a mimosa or screwdriver at brunch! Try it out and let me know what you think– I know I will most certainly be making this again!

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Yes sir, Indeed!

A few weekends ago, I was left to make the decision, where do we go tonight? With that weight on my shoulders I decided it was time to finally visit the Indeed Brewery in NE Minneapolis. I had heard great reviews about the beer and the venue so I was thrilled (with myself) when I remembered this place.

Tucked at the back of a little NE neighborhood right along the railroad tracks, the old brick building looks pretty unassuming. But upon walking into the tap room, you are met with dim lighting, warm woods, and a large open space booming with conversation. It felt like a neighborhood bar… only better. The crowd was a Minneapolis melting pot and everyone felt welcome.

There were a number of what Indeed refers to as “Flagship Beers” in addition to some great seasonal options.

Also very cool is that the brewery hosts food trucks rather than having their own kitchen. The night we were there the food was by Gastropub– and the nachos were delish!

Overall, the place had a cool atmosphere, really great beers and a very cool crowd. I cannot wait to return in the summer when the patio is open. Things to note:
– Indeed has shuffleboard
– New brews coming out monthly/seasonally
– Tours are available
– The taproom is only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday– check out their
calendar for events and to see who is serving up the grub

( )

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