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Just the right prescription…

The other night I headed out with my roommate to see an old friend’s  band @ 7th Street Entry (literally old friend– I think we established we have known each other since preschool) . I don’t think I had heard Jake play in well… years. Sad to say he has lived in Minneapolis 6 years and I am going on my 4th and this is the first time I have made it out to see him.

I knew that he was talented; fantastic in high school and even in college but in all honesty I think he is at his best right now. His band is called The Color Pharmacy made up of Jake Dilley, Jake Quam and Dan Larsen– they are killer. Their bio reads as follows on Over the past two years, The Color Pharmacy has toured all over the country, including performances at South By Southwest and Twitter/Windows Phone Blogger Party, and has appeared with popular recording artists like Tom Morello’s Street Sweeper Social Club, Mason Jennings, Peter Himmelman Bob Schneider, Ben Kweller and Adele. In 2010 alone the band played over one hundred shows and released a genre-bending full length album.

Seriously this band rocks out– I was stunned by the amount of sound coming out of three super talented dudes! It is obvious to all who watch/listen that these guys love what they are doing, work hard at it, and like to put on a show. It was so fun to see an old friend and so thrilling to see him following his passion. His band is truly incredible. If you live in Twin Cities, or are making a trip here– check out their schedule, find them on Facebook , see where you can find them; it is totally worth it. Try not to take 4 years to figure that out!


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