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Braver than I

A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Brave New Workshop’s Lance Armstrong’s Steroid Pumped Comedy Review: A Cheater’s Guide to Winning. Having never seen a show at the Brave New Workshop, I was really excited to see the show as well as explore their new downtown venue.

Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, you cannot miss this place!!


Bright lights greet you and carry through the box office, right into the bar area; coincidence? I think not.


After a cocktail had been ordered (you get rewarded right away-love that) we were ushered upstairs to take our seats.


My first thought was, “Awesome, right up front!” The thought that followed soon after was, “Shit! I hope they don’t pull me on stage!” The latter lingered longer than the first.


One of the first in the main room, I was excited as the seats began to fill and the room was buzzing with energy.


It was announced there was a packed house, brief introductions and history and then the show was off and running. To be completely honest, I am often skeptical of comedians but somehow love sketch comedy. This show did not disappoint. The actors were energetic and spot on in their performances. They were engaging and owned the stage and their characters.


The show was fast-paced and kept your interest throughout. You did not want to look away an miss any cue or mannerism or God forbid be pulled on stage… hold your breath… they pulled someone on stage… still holding?

NO! It was not me! Thank goodness but it was so fun to watch the audience involvement and the actors engaging the crowd. I was so impressed by the talent and the abdominal workout they gave me… dang! You could not pay me to jump on stage and improv… anything. But you can bet that I will be going back to watch the professionals in action. And you should too!

Check out the website for more on the show, the actors and to get your tickets!


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Get it? Got it? Getty!

I was so blessed over Christmas to be able to travel to California to be with my family. On one of the days we all piled in (like old times) to the car and headed up to The Getty in Los Angeles. If you make it out to LA, this is a can’t miss!

While there are incredible galleries filled with beautiful art, I was captivated not only be the weather but the incredible architecture and beauty of the land. Here is a photo recap. Enjoy!









Ready to plan your trip yet?! Cheers!
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Previoulsy unnoticed

Do you ever have those moments where you are going about your day as usual and that jumps out at you and you think, “Whoa, that hasn’t always been there?” Only to find it actually has been there… maybe even for years.

I had this moment on my walk into class last night. Making my way through the blustery courtyard outside school last night– I noticed this statue that was all lit up and looking beautiful!


I am uncertain if it stood out because it was illuminated or what exactly caught my attention but it was as though the statue was brand new to me. Turns out  the statue has been in this courtyard for a number of years and I have been too pre-occupied during my route to class to notice.

The statue is called “The Entrepreneur” by Dean Kermit Allison. Once again, it was a nice reminder that while I am busy with balancing school, work and life, I might need to slow it down a bit and take notice of things I so easily look past.


Get voting and smiling

I have to say my piece— GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few words that have made me smile as of late:

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Stack ’em up

A few months back, I blogged about my trip to LA and somehow left out one of my favorite discoveries along the way; I will call it “to go wine”. See my friend and I were at a birthday party in the old LA Zoo but following the party we were heading straight to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary to see The Birds. In need of some food and drink, we headed to the grocery to pick up some goodies.

We had almonds, and veggies but needed some beverages. While scouring the wine aisle for something delish when I spotted an oddly shaped, purple paper wrapped bottle. In true girl form I have to admit I picked this “bottle” based purely on the presentation (great work Mr. Wine Marketer).

These little guys stack on top of one another hence the name Stacked Merlot to make the “bottle” and are each individually sealed in their own plastic glass for easy transport. This was hassle free–just perfect if you were planning a picnic, or in this case going to a movie in the cemetary!

Hitchcock and wine, snuggled up on the cemetary lawn… one of the best nights ever!

Cheers! Check out more Stacked products online:


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“Blackbird singing in the dead of night…”

Let me begin by saying that I am not one for Halloween… simply due to the costumes. I don’t love the idea that people use it as an excuse to get scantily clad, nor do I love the idea of being uncomfortable. That being said when my girlfriend said she would be in the cities for Halloween and that I must go out, I had to oblige. Then panic set in; I had no idea what I was going to be. That is until she sent me a photo of a girl in blackbird makeup. I loved it! I thought I think I can do that… but when she offered to do the makeup for me, I was elated! I made wings and she did the rest and how incredible it turned out! Here’s a few pics of her awesome art! (please note–these were taken in the midst and at the end of the night)

I realize when looking at these pictures that there is no way I could have done this…! I have never worn more makeup, looked more bird-like, or piled on the lipstick like I did on Saturday– but I love ever minute of this dress up session.  If you need makeup done whether artistic or traditional, contact me and I will get you in touch with Chelsea herself!!

Lead us out John…

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise…

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Mastering movie nite

A little over a month ago marked the re-opening of the Uptown Theater on the corner of Lagoon and Hennepin. Having been under construction for quite some time I was waiting with anticipation to see the new digs and I was excited when I heard they would be showing Joaquin Phoenix’s newest movie The Master.

We started across the street with drinks at Williams and then headed over to the theater to catch the late showing. I was so excited that it did not cross my mind to take any pictures. 

The entry was brightly lit and the colors vibrant. It was easy to smell that this place was brand spankin’ new. At the ticket counter we were shown a screen of available seats and allowed to pick where to sit. Once inside the theater you were escorted to your seat– similar to going to a baseball game or something. The chairs were huge and super comfy and the screen extremely large.

While the movie was not what I expected, the theather was awesome and I most certainly would return. Due to my lack of pictures I have included the link below… I recommend checking it out in person!

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“I been hangingaround this town…”

My first… hanging re-do 

A few months back a girlfriend of mine came over to help me paint my room a sweet shade of gray; Porpoise to be exact. Well since then, I have had nothing hanging on the wall. Nothing. After great searching I found things I already had around the house, and a bright white can of spray paint.

Here’s what I was working with…

After a few coats of spray paint here’s what I ended up with…

Tonight was the night for the hanging. Armed with a ruler, hammer, nails and a light colored Sharpie, all of these beauties were hung with care.

I made sure to include some fun and favorite items of mine– the top right frame houses a beautiful note from my mom on a gorgeous card she got in Hawaii, a wine charm also from my mom (too pretty to gift) and lastly on the bottom right a photo I took in a past photography class.

On the other side I have showcased a brightly colored envelope, a picture of me walking on the beach in Cozumel, and a to die for necklace my dad bought me on our recent trip to Kauai.

I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I love the simple clean lines and it serves as a reminder that beautiful things can be created from items you already have; often it ends up meaning much more.

Happy re-doing!!!

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Better to be found than lost (in this case)

My first time… at Found Things

This killer antique store is nestled in the heart of Des Moines’ East Village. Being a rather frequent visitor of other Des Moines area vintage and antique stores, I was surprised I had never been here, and even more surprised that my out of town relatives have been here multiple times. Where was I? Nonetheless, I was thrilled to browse around this little gem.

The store was bright, cheery and filled to the brim with history and treasures for all. Following suit with the other out-of-towners in my family, I will most certainly be making a stop here whenever I am back in Des Moines.

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My first time… listening to Mylo Zyloto

Now I think it is common that you either love Coldplay or well, don’t. I fall into the love category. I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan until I went to a few of their live shows. They are truly incredible and really command the stage. I have been thinking about purchasing their new album since it came out but really had to motivate myself to head to any retail store this time of year. Nonetheless, while on a Jumbo Button Universal Remote hunt I finally caved…

I exited the store quickly (as one of the employees started in his on rendition of Paparazzi by Lady Gaga), ripped the cellophane off the album case and popped the cd right into my dashboard. As is customary I sat there just listening with the car running for the first two or three songs, and then proceeded to put the car in drive and head on home.

Coldplay did an incredible job of taking you from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. From dark somber beats to energetic rhythms that make you want to dance. After listening to the album a few times through my favorite songs this far are Up in Flames, and Princess of China featuring Rihanna.

If you are not typically a fan I would say try this one on for size as this time around Coldplay has really outdone themselves! Cheers!

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