Suds and Eggs

A few weeks back, a couple girlfriends and I decided to hang out on what seemed to be one of the last beautiful days of summer. We stopped by a friends mid-afternoon and were excited when she offered to whip us up a snack. What was on the menu? Think a spin on egg’s benedict, minus the egg.

This little beauty was put before me– Duck Bacon with whole wheat toast and made from scrath hollandaise. Seriously?! Snack and my house would have equated to cheese, meat and crackers. I had never tasted duck bacon before and was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was robust, the texture crisp and thick without being too fatty or gamey. The “snack” was so decadant I almost felt as if I was eating dessert.

To wash it down, we indulged in one of New Belgium Brewery’s sour beers, Lip of Faith- Tart Lychee. I am not sure how to explain this beer other than totally unlike anything I have ever tasted. I understand this is not useful to you as the reader so I snagged this quote from

According to Lauren, the imaginator of this pucker-pleasing ale, Lychee Fruit is so insanely sweet and flavorful you almost can’t stand it alone. Sour to the rescue! The combination of our barrel-aged sour beer, Lychee Fruit puree, and cinnamon sticks pours a frothy head of tart perfection.


For these “firsts” I was kind of blown away and if I am able to find the oh so hard to find Duck Bacon and New Belgium’s Tart Lychee beer, I will be a happy camper.




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