Last week after a rough day at work and then group project at school it was time to unwind. I was pumped when my roommate told me that she and a friend were headed out for dinner and a drink– I picked them up and we headed to It’s Greek to Me in Uptown.

The girls raved about the “Flaming Cheese” and delicious greek fare– honestly I didn’t care where we were going just as long as it didn’t invlove work or school.  

We entered at the corner of Lyn/Lake and while the decor was somewhat sparse, my senses were romanced by the warm cozy temperature and scents wafting from the open kitchen. I was pretty aware of the fact that I was about to fall in love…

In love I fell. I started with some Jameson on the rocks (Cheers!) and then the ladies ordered up the Flaming Cheese. I am not sure how they do it other than they bring you a piping hot dish, and literally light it on fire. I was pretty sure I was going to start on fire myself and thus did not catch a great picture.While this might not be the most appetizing picture please take note, this was divine; super hot and spreadable on little soft pita pillows.

Since I had a few little pitas and some cheese for the app I opted for something a little lighter for the main course, The Gyro Plate sans pita with a side of green beans and roasted tomatoes. It sounds like a lot and it was–I had enough for dinner and lunch the next day.

Anyway, the meat was cut perfectly and the crisp onions and tomatoes made the perfect combination. The tzatziki was light and made each forkful just perfect. It was great to have “comfort food” that was not horrible for you, nor left you miserably full.

This was seriously such a great way to end a terrible day. I will make my way back again as I hear I have to try the greek salad (“the best in town”) and to sip sangria on the patio– yes, yes, I will be back!



One thought on “Opa!!

  1. Giovanna says:

    Fun! Looks like a yummy dinner!


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