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Gotta getaway…

A few weeks back, I invited “Up North” for a 50th birthday celebration and spa weekend; who would turn that down? Though cold, the weekend was filled with food, drinks, laughs, massages and fun! Here’s a recap.

We kicked off the trip with a few pits stops along the way to grab apps, beers and just take our time on the 2 and half hour trip; no rush at all. But our first “official” stop was at Rafferty’s in Nisswa, Minnesota. The building was rather unassuming and I am pretty sure the only reason we were able to eat was because the hostess was not sure what time they closed. We quickly ordered so they couldn’t send us on our way. A couple pitchers of beer and a few large pizzas were just right to fill the tum after a long day of work and a few hours in the car.





With the whole weekend focused on relaxation, we headed to the Grandview Lodge for the rest of the night!



The next morning we were so blessed to wake up to a huge breakfast at the main lodge followed by an amazing hour long massage! The Glacier spa at Grandview Lodge was to-die-for! Just amazing! The staff was spot on, ameneties just perfect and the massage was incredible!

We continued the relaxation theme with an afternoon full of naps and lounging. After freshening up we headed to Prairie Bay for dinner. None of us had been there previous to this visit so we were excited to see what all the buzz was about. This restaurant chose to play a mean trick on its hungry patrons, in that you are able to see the restaurant from the road but it was a maze to get to the building itself. Once again we were met with an unassuming building that could have previously housed a Baker’s Square. At that point… wasn’t sure what to expect.


This portion of the menu was rather entertaining.


Purusing the food menu was an adventure, the possibilities seemed endless and most certainly did not fit the building or the decor– but my curiousity was on the rise. After much deliberation I ordered the Sugar Seared Angus Beef Medallions with Toasted Almond Cauliflower Au gratin. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Boy was I surprised with this was set down in front of me…


The meat was cooked to perfection and had a lightly sweet but extremely savory flavor and au gratin was absolute perfection. This steak might be in my top 7… best steaks ever. #mindblown

After dinner it was back to the resort for live music and after-dinner drinks; Up North Style!


We munched on popcorn, people watched the “locals” and hit the hay! The weekend was just perfect and I would do it all over again (minus the snow)!!


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When in Seattle…

I recently made my first trip to Seattle thus a number of firsts ensued. In order to avoid being too lengthly, here is my executive summary:

– Perfect weather
– Lovely people
– Delicious food
– Beautiful sights
– Gorgeous wedding

Here is the photo recap! Enjoy!














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Pizza, Meatballs and Photos

Just before the holidays I made my way over to Edina to try Pizzaria Lola. While this is not a new restaurant I was excited to see what the ongoing buzz was about. In addition, I was THRILLED when I was told that they have a PHOTO BOOTH i.e. one of my favorite things on the planet.

Upon entering you are met with a large open space, concrete floors and a large copper wood fire oven in the middle of the room. I was not expecting this industrial feel in a neighborhood pizza joint but I loved it.

The left hand wall of the restaurant was almost completely filled with photo strips–such a fun personal touch!

The crew at Pizzaria Lola set your table with a cute little flower, and super fun mis-matched dishes.


And while the atmosphere and the photo booth is great, what we came for was the food. First round, meatballs– wood roasted in rich marinara sauce

Next up, it was pizza time and believe it or not rather than splitting, we went for two; one with sausage and pepperoni and the other mushroom and spinach.

Both were honestly near perfection– I wish I could recreate this at home. The woodfiring give the thin crust just the right amount of toasted and crunch. The toppings were fresh and evenly distributed on the pie. And the sauce… yum! I absolutely plan to return to Pizzaria Lola.

Check out their website for their menu, delivery services, cute date night deals and their cool start up story–oh and if you go in, don’t forget to have your picture taken in the photo booth!


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