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Gotta have that scoop

As per usual, summer has flown by and I find myself asking, “where did it go?” It seems my weekends have been filled with bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings and the like. But there is one summer rite of passage that cannot be overlooked; ice cream.

A couple Sundays ago my boyfriend’s mom invited us out to the Izzy’s Minneapolis location. I have heard a great deal about Izzy’s but never made the trek to St. Paul for that oh-so-raved-about-Izzy Scoop. Genius idea by the way– pick your main ice cream flavor and then receive a small {about melon ball size} scoop of one to try.


The Minneapolis location is nestled right next to Gold Medal Park and I am pretty certain you can smell the sweet waffle cones being made from about a block away.


Upon entering {if you don’t have to wait in the line typically out the door} we are greeted by the waffle cone station and that enticing scent. Cue the drooling.



You are also completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of flavor choices offered. For my first trip I picked Creme Fraiche as my main scoop and Honey as my Izzy scoop. I quickly parked myself on a chair outside and indulged.

To say the ice cream is thick and creamy or oh-so-decadent is an understatement. This ice cream was pure heaven.


While it is my understanding that the flavors rotate on a fairly consistent basis, I will most certainly be ordering the Honey again with a different Izzy Scoop. I can’t forget to mention that they also have sorbet, cakes, tubs of ice cream to go and delicious snacks. Izzy’s is a gem for Minneapolis and I can’t wait to go back!

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Cheat day.

Sunday was my cheat day. You know, the day where you can stray from your healthy eating plan and enjoy whatever it is that your little heart desires.

So… this happened.


‘Tis the season, right?!


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Whisked away to Talenti Heaven…

With the recent frigid temps here in the midwest, one might think that the cravings for ice cream would subside until at least May. But, that is not the case. Recently, temps hit the negatives and for some reason my stomach was aching for a sweet cool treat.

Now typically, I am a Mint Chocolate chip kind of gal but on this trip to Lund’s a bright orange Talenti sorbetto caught my eye.


I love sorbet and was hopeful that the Alphonso Mango would hit the spot! Upon first bite, I would have never expected bright orange frozenness to be so delicious. It seriously tasted just like fresh mangoes; fresh, fresh, fresh. How could this be? Well the ingredients are pretty straight-forward; mango, water, sugar, dextrose and lemon. As you can see, this is not only dairy-free but is also, kosher, gluten free, fat-free, vegetarian, vegan and HFCS-free i.e. pretty much covers all the bases.

While I went the fruity route my boyfriend went the opposite and had the Caramel Cookie Crunch. It was the perfect balance of cookie and caramel, making it absolute, melt-in-your-mouth perfection; would be so good with coffee!


Full transparency, we ate right from the little pints and swapped back and forth. This is the perfect snack to have the fridge to fulfill might late night cravings and curb any guilt I may have had. Next trip, I am trying the Roman Raspberry. I might be the newest Talenti cult member!


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