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Channeling NorCal in Downtown Minneapolis

A couple weekends ago, I had the honor of celebrating my dear friend Christine and her upcoming nuptials. With Christine’s maid of honor {lovely sister Linds} having her homebase in Boston, we tried to make a weekend out of the bridal activities by having a shower and bachelorette one after the other.


The bridal shower was hosted by the bride’s sister and cousin and consisted of a fun palm tree theme with cocktails crafted around the various travel destinations of the happy couple {sorry I completely forgot to take pictures}! It was a great time and Christine was surrounded by lots of love and even more laughter.

For night 2… the bachelorette, we started our evening at Marin Restaurant and Bar .

Marin combines inspirations from a Northern California mentality and farm to table approach to quality food, with a distinctly urban vibe.

This concept not only intrigued me but also made me very excited to view the menu and eat the night away!


The bride’s mother graciously started our evening with a round of drinks sent all the way from Florida. For me, it was champs.


We were seated in the gorgeous main dining room {check out website for photos} which was warmly lit and very comfortable. The bride was excited to learn that the manager is a friend from high school who kicked off our Marin experience with a beautifully plated amuse bouche consisting of smoked salmon, peppered cream cheese, dill, pickled onion and a housemade chip. Divine.


The divinity continued when we received the menu. I opted to start with the Asparagus, Frisee, Morel and Grits crouton salad topped with a light tangy vinegarette. This dish was absolute perfection. The salty and tangy of the veggies and dressing mixed wonderfully with simple yet crunchy grits croutons.


The entree decision was quite difficult. There were a number of items on the menu that sparked my interest. From the Ahi and Scallops to the Ramen and Pork, I had a difficult decision. But after hearing that the evenings special was Halibut over a bed of broccolini, my decision was made. And it did not disappoint.


One of my favorites gals and fellow bridesmaids, Ashley sat next to me and ordered the oven roasted chicken which looked amazing.


As a lover of seafood, I was thrilled to have visited a restaurant with great seafood. I believe Marin to be filling a void that we have here in this fine city. I appreciate the diversity of the menu, the great ambiance, spot on presentation and amazing service. I will absolutely be making my way back to Marin Restaurant and Bar in the near future.

No question, the night continued… here are a few snippets… that is all you get!








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They have brunch!?!?

As if my posts have not been telling enough, I love food. Breakfast for dinner, sushi always, Thai whenever, a great burger; I am pretty much equal opportunity when it comes to food and feel like I have a pretty good idea of the scene in Minneapolis. Needless to say, I was floored to learn that Pizza Luce serves brunch! Yes, you read that correctly B-R-U-N-C-H! The Minneapolis pizza hub has had brunch for years, and from the recommendation I received, it might be the best around. So, it goes without saying, I had to try!

No lie, I am pretty sure I sent the server away three times before I decided what to order from their lengthy menu. The drink option was a no-brainer- I went for the pomegranate mimosa!


As for the main dish– decisions had to be made, so I ordered the Cajun Breakfast Skillet– with one small modification; fresh jalapenos instead of green bell peppers.

Now, to tell you that this was amazing would be a gross understatement. This was absolute perfection. My overeasy eggs sat atop a bed of portabello mushrooms, crispy hashbrowns, and spicy italian sausage topped with creamy and tangy hollandaise.


This breakfast was not for the faint of heart or those on a diet. But if you are looking to indulge (and we all should) this is one of my favorite brunch places in Minneapolis!

Still shocked they have brunch?! Check out Pizza Luce’s weekend brunch menu–you will not regret it!

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