Comfort Classic

Fall. The leaves begin to turn, there is a crispness in the air and almost an immediately my body begins craving “comfort food” {though my hips are never pleased}. With temperatures dipping into the 60s and 70s as of late, my cravings have been in the soup genre. I am a sucker for tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich; though I have never perfected my soup… until now.

Follow along, I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s what you need:


3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 – 14 oz. cans of crushed tomatoes
1 – 14 oz. can of whole tomatoes
2 cups of stock (chicken or vegetable)
1 tsp of sea salt {to taste}
1 tsp of sugar {could go lighter on the sugar}
1 tbsp. garlic powder {to taste}
1/2 tsp of fresh ground black pepper {I ended up adding more to taste}
1/2 cup of heavy cream {I think you could sub with half and half}
6 tablespoons of fresh basil, julienned
Parmesan cheese shavings

This is how you do it:

In a saucepan, saute garlic in olive oil on medium heat for 1 minute – keep a close eye as you don’t want to burn the garlic. Next, add the crushed tomatoes then the whole tomatoes one at a time, squeezing them into the pan; gently breaking them up. After tomatoes have been added, be sure to stir in the juice/sauce from the whole tomatoes, as well. Add chicken stock, salt, pepper and sugar. Cook the soup on medium at a simmer for at least 10 minutes. At this point, I used an immersion blender to puree—if you wanted smooth and don’t have the immersion blender, you could purchase all crushed tomatoes–if you like chunky, no need for alteration or blender. To finish, reduce the heat to low and stir in heavy cream and basil.





Serve topped with Parmesan cheese and a toasty grilled cheese sandwich!



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