Sammy with a kick!

I was recently inspired by 300 Sandwiches and set out to make what I hoped would be my favorite sandwich. Growing up, we didn’t eat a lot of sandwiches as my mom was not a fan. I am a firm believer that any sandwich grilled proves to be some of the best comfort food. So I tried to incorporate a few of my favorites into this little guy and make up for lost-sandwich time!



What is it you ask? A hot grilled turkey sandwich on wheat–with a kick! I simply butter the bread as you would with a regular grilled cheese; the key, butter on the inside and outside of the bread. I then spread chopped garlic over the butter layered the smoked turkey, added hot banana peppers and topped with white horseradish cheddar cheese to hold those little suckers in place.

While I used pretty simple and straight forward ingredients, the smell while cooking was insane. The melding of the smokey with the heat of the horseradish and banana peppers was just perfect. And I always say add garlic to anything to put it over the top; and it did just that. This sandwich was divine! I would recommend pairing this with a savory and smooth soup if you are looking for a side but for me the sanwich stood on its own. Enjoy!


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