Killer Quiche

Saturday my boyfriend and I rose bright and early (everyone did that right?!) to hit the gym in Uptown. Following our visit and a quick haircut (his) at Floyd’s we hopped on over to Bluestem. Bluestem is an offshoot of French Meadow Bakery where you are able to sit down and receive table service.


Many of the French Meadow items are found on the Bluestem menu. But inside of sitting on Lyndale you are tucked away in a beautifully lit and teal-tiled hideaway. I honestly have no idea what was in this space before. There is a large winding bar and a few booths along the side of the wall.

We were seated at a round booth in the bar area and had a very sweet, and shockingly red headed bartender as our server. We must have arrived just in time as the space started to fill up quickly. When looking at the menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Sprouted Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox; much to my disappointment, this no longer on the menu and thus not availabe. With a quick re-visit of my options, I opted for the Deep Dish Quiche, and he went for his go-to Breakfast Burrito.

The quiche has to be the deepest quiche I have ever had! With layers of flakey pastry, egg, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, leeks and goat cheese, I was melting in quiche-heaven. The mixture of the veggies with the sweet creaminess of the cheese was an absolute homerun!



Hope this made you hungry– be sure to check out Bluestem !!


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