Milk’s mega-favorite cookie

Last week I had a major craving for Oreos (before this study was released). Being the sweet man that he is, my boyfriend texted to let me know he purchased “mega stuffed Oreos” for my indulging when I returned home from class. I thought to myself “That’s cute, he called them Mega Stuf, he must mean Double stuf”.


Well I was wrong… Mega Stuf really does exist. Imagine for a moment if you took 3 traditional Oreos, scraped the cream out and sandwiched all 3 layers between 2 little cookies. That my friend is a Mega Stuf Oreo. Still delightful with a large class of cold milk. And while they might be as or more addictive than cocaine, I could only have a couple at a time. Otherwise, sugar overload. Pretty sure that the Double Stuf are still my favorite but I say everyone needs to give these bad boys a try!

Check out the Oreo website to find out more about products and recipes! OREO


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One thought on “Milk’s mega-favorite cookie

  1. nellethon says:

    you could fit a small village inside that cream!

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