Bier and Sausage: The Perfect Pair

I was invited to join my boyfriend’s family at happy hour on Tuesday. As usual, we arrived earlier than the others so we made ourselve comfortable at one of New Bohemia’s large german style tables. A little before 5pm the bar became inundated with people. Uncertain what was going on, my boyfriend pointed to a sign that read, “10 cent Beers on Tuesday from 5:00-5:30pm”. Can you say perfect timing? The line formed quickly… and was out the door in no time. Promptly at 5pm the beer started flowing.

At first I thought, “how can they (New Bohemia) afford to do this?” Then I saw the perfectly sized glasses– think OJ glasses at your Grandma’s house. There were two options an IPA and a Summer Ale that were both delightful. I love that the beers were served in the small-glass form as they stayed nice and cool rather then reaching room temp before I got to the bottom!


Not only are the 10 cent beers a draw to this NE hot spot, they specialize in sausages. From traditional to exotic, New Bohemia has it covered.


I opted for a Savory Italian topped with sweet and hot peppers with a side of fries and blue cheese bacon sauce. No lie.


In addition, we ordered a GIANT pretzel (sorry for the lack of photo). When I say giant I mean cross your arms in front of your body. Now picture that as hot twisted dough, lathered in butter and dusted with salt. Oh and how could I forget?! Served with a side of spicy white cheese dip. Now, I may or may not consider myself a soft pretzel addict– and this is one of the best I have ever had! Not down with the spicy dip? No worries you can get other options or eat it plain; you really can’t go wrong.

New Bohemia is a great addition to Northeast Minneapolis. With it’s large windows, open communal concept, and an array of beer and food options, New Bohemia is going to be around for a while. Next time I think I am going to try one of the “Exotic” sausages maybe the alligator or rabbit? Anyone want to join me?!


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