Smack down!!

My visit to Genuine Smack Shack Lobster was LONG over due. I fell in love with the Smack Shack offerings at the 1029 Bar years ago but was thrilled to try the brick and mortar location. On a date night back in May I was so excited to finally indulge in a larger menu– though my love of the Lobster Mac has not waivered. We had a reservation and arrived about 45 minutes early to have a few cocktails. Much to our surprise they were able to seat us right then. Don’t worry we still tried the cocktails!

The Smack Shack is situated on the corner of Washington and 6th in the North Loop. The bright neon sign is hard to miss and the valet ever-so-prompt. Once inside, the atmosphere is loud and bustling. It is very much an open concept with high ceilings, large beverage coolers that separate the entrance from the first bar area and which leads you to the hosted stand nestled nicely next to the second bar, lobster tank and massive boiler.



We were seated at a comfortable 2-top in what I would consider the main dining area, near the kitchen. For libations, I opted for a Mass Mule (SS’s play on the Moscow Mule) and he ordered the Cucumber Cocktail. While the Mass Mule was nice and sweet, it was not my favorite; his on the other hand was light and clean and not too sweet. A great summer option and perfect pairing with seafood.


The options on the menu were endless. He went with fish tacos and a wedge salad and I went with the Connecticut style po’ boy.



The food was delicious; absolutely mouth-watering. But next time, I think that I am going all out and ordering the lobster! From those around me it looked like a can’t miss!! As I had predicted, I will most certainly be returning to eat again and again!

Genuine Smack Shack Lobster

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