Have your cake…

What if I told you, you could have your cake and eat it to?! Well, come to think of it, I am not sure the saying fits this scenario but nonetheless, I have made one of the greatest ice cream discoveries around. On a recent ice cream run, I was thinking I would go for my tried and true, Mint Chocolate Chip. BUT once I spotted this delightful mix of cake and ice… I figured, no brainer!



Ben and Jerry spared no punches when making this delectable little pint of deliciousness. The smooth creamy ice cream is punctuated with surpising and generous bites of red-velvet cake and the oh-so-important cream cheese frosting.

Cake and ice cream is probably one of the greats pairs on Earth or is at least up there with Monica and Chandler, Lucy and Ethel, heck maybe even Jim and Pam. And as usual, Ben and Jerry nailed it.

Ben and Jerry’s Website


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