Beer Fest and Block Party

A couple months back, there was a voucher for purchase that peaked my interest– Stanley’s 1st Annual Craft Beer Festival. I shot out a quick email to guage interest and quickly scooped up to admission vouchers for myself and my boyfriend. It sounded like a fun event and anytime I can be outside enjoying the summer weather, I’m in.

I woke up on Saturday, rearing to go only to find that my backyard was Lake 10,001 (usually grass). With the forecast not looking so good, we trudged ahead, picked up a hearty lunch and crossed our fingers that the weather would improve. Much to our surprise, the rain cleared (humidity set in) and the sun came out just in time for the gates to open.

There were over 100 different beers offered by tons of brewers. There was live music, Hammerschlagen, Stanley’s food truck, hand-rolled cigars, and more! Oh did I mention 1/4 pound hotdogs?!





There were lots of interesting and exciting varieties from the Chocolate Milk Stout from O’Dell’s to Crispin’s Fox Barrel Pear Cider my senses were satisfied. Other than getting an entire beer spilled down the front of me by a very excited (extremely drunk) patron, I had a great time.

The beers were ice cold, the turn out was large, the bands were great, and the energy was awesome! After the festival ended, the street remained closed, the block party began and Orange Whip took the stage– nothing like a good ol’ street dance. Stanley’s did a killer job arranging the 1st Annual Beer Festival and I can’t wait to go back next year!!

Check out their website for details!


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One thought on “Beer Fest and Block Party

  1. Luke Derheim says:

    Thanks a lot for the nice review and pictures of the beer fest! We hope you join us again next year.

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