Time for another confession (uh-oh). Not sure how it has come to this but I have an obsession. It might not be considered a “healthy” obsession but it is mine nonetheless. I will own it. I am obessesed with…


Yup… you read the correctly, (yo)gurt[lab] and with the recent rise in temps, this obession might be getting out of control. I just can’t help myself. All the flavors of ice cream, topping options; sweet, savory, salty… how is a girl to choose?

I am not sure sure how I go about finalizing my yogurt concoctions, as I am usually so excited some visits are a blur. But I do know the past 2 times I have visited this little gem, I have opted for Tahitian Vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi and cheesecake bites. Yumm….cheesecake bites.


Sorry I got a little distracted, that picture looks rather delish if you ask me. Anyway, if you have not been, you should go. I have found it helps to take a walk around Calhoun BEFORE having digging in– that way yogurt sans guilt!

Check out their website for location info and details!


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