Bunny’s & Blue Door Combo

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday a day early and had two firsts; Bunny’s breakfast and Blue Door Longfellow.

I began my day with my boyfriend at Bunny’s Bar and Grill in St Louis Park for a hearty breakfast of Eggs Benedict. In all honesty, prior to us dating, I could not tell you the last time I had Eggs Benny; maybe a couple times in my life. But when he told me that this is one of the best in Minneapolis, I could not pass it up.


While this may not appear to be the most appetizing picture, I have to admit (the boyfriend was right) this was some great Eggs Benny. The english muffin was crisp, the egg cooked to perfection and the hollandaise had just the right amount of lemon kick. And the hashbrowns were cooked to perfection; cripsy on top and nice and light on the bottom half.

After such a large breakfast I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stomach much for lunch. But thankfully lunch was late and once I laid eyes on the menu at the Blue Door Pub-Longfellow it was all over.


Seriously, everything looked delicious. After some deliberation, I decided on the Horsekick Blucy with my Fulton Lonely Blonde (of course).


What is that you ask? According to Blue Door:
HORSEKICK BLUCY :: Hold on to your hat, pardner! Our own horsekick sauce makes a rowdy appearance with a bleu cheese and cream cheese blend infused with horseradish. We add onion strings for some extra giddy-up.


This is hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had. The combo of bleu cheese, horseradish and cream cheese tastes like… heaven. And how did I forget, Blue Door has AMAZING cajun tots– do not pass them up. I repeat, do not pass them up.

It was such an awesome day to start my birthday celebration, good food, good people and good fun!


The Bloor Door

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