Tequila! (Come on channel your inner Pee Wee)

Saturday night I ventured to Barrio in Edina for some pre-dinner drinks to celebrate my boyfriend’s little sister’s birthday (don’t worry she is of age). Even though there are 3 locations in the cities, I have only visited the Minneapolis watering hole.

The large open space echoes many of the aspects you find at the downtown location. Similar decor, energetic atmosphere, and the same awesome menu.


Initially I was going to go the standard margarita route and order the Trinity. But then I spotted it, Enter the Dragon.


Yup, you read that correctly. Passion fruit and Fresno peppers… yes, please!


I am uncertain how to perfectly describe this drink. Honestly the first thing that came to mind was Hawaii. “This tastes like Hawaii in a glass”. But that does little good for you as a reader…

The front end of this drink has a smooth creaminess that you may come to expect of the passion fruit, while the back end provides the kick you would know is coming with a fresno pepper. This drink has perfect balance as there is just enough spice begging you to take another sip but not so much so that you want to slide it back to the bartender and ask for something else.

Honestly, the only thing that could have made this better would have been sitting on the patio, in the sun, wearing a dress, and wedges. Mother nature did not work in my favor but this drink was divine. I will be heading back for this drink and maybe some fresh made guac and chips!

Want check out Barrio?? Click below!


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