Braver than I

A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Brave New Workshop’s Lance Armstrong’s Steroid Pumped Comedy Review: A Cheater’s Guide to Winning. Having never seen a show at the Brave New Workshop, I was really excited to see the show as well as explore their new downtown venue.

Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, you cannot miss this place!!


Bright lights greet you and carry through the box office, right into the bar area; coincidence? I think not.


After a cocktail had been ordered (you get rewarded right away-love that) we were ushered upstairs to take our seats.


My first thought was, “Awesome, right up front!” The thought that followed soon after was, “Shit! I hope they don’t pull me on stage!” The latter lingered longer than the first.


One of the first in the main room, I was excited as the seats began to fill and the room was buzzing with energy.


It was announced there was a packed house, brief introductions and history and then the show was off and running. To be completely honest, I am often skeptical of comedians but somehow love sketch comedy. This show did not disappoint. The actors were energetic and spot on in their performances. They were engaging and owned the stage and their characters.


The show was fast-paced and kept your interest throughout. You did not want to look away an miss any cue or mannerism or God forbid be pulled on stage… hold your breath… they pulled someone on stage… still holding?

NO! It was not me! Thank goodness but it was so fun to watch the audience involvement and the actors engaging the crowd. I was so impressed by the talent and the abdominal workout they gave me… dang! You could not pay me to jump on stage and improv… anything. But you can bet that I will be going back to watch the professionals in action. And you should too!

Check out the website for more on the show, the actors and to get your tickets!


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