Mr. Butcher, you have my heart!

Last week was a rough one and it seemed only fitting to round it out on a positive note. With tickets to opening night of Brave New Workshop’s Lance Armstrong’s Steroid Pumped Comedy review I felt it most appropriate to grab drinks and dinner beforehand. So, I booked a reservation at Butcher and the Boar just down the street (let the salivating begin).

To be totally transparent, I have been to Butcher and the Boar before. That being said it was for a very special birthday dinner and thus, no pictures were taken. Since then my dinner date has a better understanding of the blog and has grown accustomed to my frequent picture taking. I took full advantage of this increased understanding and documented this visit!

We started with the pickle plate and opted to add Beef Heart and Eggs (it was the right decision) along with the Stuffed Jalapenos. I take that back– I started with a Ketel Dirty on the Rocks… Bleu Cheese stuffed olives. Divine. THEN the apps followed.




The pickle plate was incredible. I honestly never knew you could “pickle” so many things but apparently the options are truly endless. The stuffed peppers provided a bit of a surprise as the jalapeno was delicately filled with a very light, fluffy peanut butter. The juxtaposition of the spicy and sweet was very intriguing though not my absolute favorite.

Our selection for entrees varied slightly from our last visit. He went to the Berkshire Pork Chop and I for the Flatiron Steak.



You read that correctly– he got the pork chop, I got the steak. Hold your breath… he is not a huge steak fan. I know, mind.blown. For the a la cartes we ordered Chive Mash and Cedar Plank mushrooms. Unreal.


I think I can speak on behalf of myself and my dinner date– this may be the best meal in Minneapolis. Our steak and pork chop were cooked perfectly. Butcher and the Boar has gotten it all right! The atmosphere, the food and service are spot on. I absolutely did not want this meal to end. I will return time and time again to indulge and enjoy.

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