612 Brew

Over the past couple years Minneapolis has seen a surge of local breweries and I feel inclined to try them all. A couple weeks ago 612 Brewery was on the docket for exploration. I checked out their website, gathered some friends and made plans to meet on a Friday afternoon.

My first thought– “Holy smokes… this could be dangerous… I live in walking distance… bring on the warm weather!” My second thought was “slow your roll sister, let’s make sure you like the joint first”. Sometimes I can get ahead of myself.

Anyway, I arrived around 4pm on a Friday to find the place bustling and filled with energy.





The Stanley’s food truck was parked outside and already had me lusting. Then I checked out the beer list– serious decisions to be made, and boy did they make it difficult. Lucky for me, I had all the time in the world. So why not try a few!?





I just couldn’t get enough of her!


Though all of the beers were delicious in their own right, my favorite by a landslide was the Main Stage. Just as the description stated, the caramel had me falling in love. Slightly hoppy without being overpowering this was just the right balance for my palette.

The vibe and the energy in the brewery was awesome. I hope that at some point mother nature will decide to wake from her Tundra Slumber and give us some warm weather. A great feature of 612 (besides the killer crew) is a large garage door that I can just imagine being thrown open with seating outside for those hot days when all that could possibly quench your thrist is a cold 612 brew. Without a doubt, this is one of my new favorites in the Twin Cities. If you have not been #1 you are crazy #2 get your butt over there ASAP!


Find out more about 612 @ 612Brew.com

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