Lover of Lemon

A few months back my manager and I were discussing all the things we love that are lemon-flavored. I know what you are thinking, what an enlightening conversation but trust me it really was… and I will explain way. As the lemon-oriented conversation progressed we both revealed our deep love for Lemon Jolly Ranchers and our subsequent disappointment when The Hershey Company replaced the flavor many years back.

Following our conversation I decided to hop online and write the company to find out if they were available for purchase anywhere or if they were manufacturing the lemon flavor at all. Much to my dismay I received a kind but disappointing email from Customer Rep, Timothy that read:

“Hello Monique! Thank you for asking about JOLLY RANCHER Candy. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, the lemon flavor for this product is not being produced for nationwide retail distribution at this time.

We know how disappointing it can be to look for your favorite treat and not find it, so you can be certain we will share your comments with our Marketing Department. We always consider our consumers’ opinions when we make decisions about any of our products.”

The email went on but I got the point; no Lemon Jolly Ranchers. Fast forward 5.5 months (aka to today) when I recieved a delivery from THE HERSHEY COMPANY and guess what was inside?!




YEAH…. that JUST happened. Once I was able to gain my composure, unwrap one of the mouth-watering lemon treats and pop it in my mouth, my next thought was “WOW! What incredible customer service!” Having worked in customer service or customer facing roles at various time throughout my career this is an exemplary example of what great customer service looks like. Not only did they respond to my initial inquiry within mere days, they then followed up almost a half year later to thank me for my continued support of the product and for voicing my opinion. Talk about an awesome way to show the customer their voice is not only been heard but is valuable! This customer service is right up there with that of!

I am truly impressed with The Hershey Company and know that I will continue to support Hershey as well as voice my opinion with them in the years to come. Everything in moderation… right?

Thanks Hershey, you made my week!

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