Stir it up… little darlin’… stir it up

A few weeks back it was recommended that I try the new Crown Royal Maple Whiskey. As a lover of whiskey and most things maple, I was very excited to try. So the weekend before last we went for it. Of course I had to try the first taste on it’s own; smooth robust flavor with just the right hint of sweet, nothing overpowering.

That being said I wanted to see how it would “mix”. I didn’t have a ton of mixers on hand but opted to try mixing the Maple Whiskey with Orange Juice. Here are some shots of the progression…


If you are at all familiar with a “Panacke” or “Breakfast” shot, this drink is along the same lines only better. I suggest sipping it with lots of ice as it is great extremely chilled– but I loved using the spheres so as to avoid insta-melting that often occurs with regular ice cubes. Being on the sweet-ish side, this would be a great alternative to a mimosa or screwdriver at brunch! Try it out and let me know what you think– I know I will most certainly be making this again!

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