Pizza, Meatballs and Photos

Just before the holidays I made my way over to Edina to try Pizzaria Lola. While this is not a new restaurant I was excited to see what the ongoing buzz was about. In addition, I was THRILLED when I was told that they have a PHOTO BOOTH i.e. one of my favorite things on the planet.

Upon entering you are met with a large open space, concrete floors and a large copper wood fire oven in the middle of the room. I was not expecting this industrial feel in a neighborhood pizza joint but I loved it.

The left hand wall of the restaurant was almost completely filled with photo strips–such a fun personal touch!

The crew at Pizzaria Lola set your table with a cute little flower, and super fun mis-matched dishes.


And while the atmosphere and the photo booth is great, what we came for was the food. First round, meatballs– wood roasted in rich marinara sauce

Next up, it was pizza time and believe it or not rather than splitting, we went for two; one with sausage and pepperoni and the other mushroom and spinach.

Both were honestly near perfection– I wish I could recreate this at home. The woodfiring give the thin crust just the right amount of toasted and crunch. The toppings were fresh and evenly distributed on the pie. And the sauce… yum! I absolutely plan to return to Pizzaria Lola.

Check out their website for their menu, delivery services, cute date night deals and their cool start up story–oh and if you go in, don’t forget to have your picture taken in the photo booth!

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One thought on “Pizza, Meatballs and Photos

  1. asteifer says:

    I love it when a place uses the wood-fire oven to cook things other than just the pizza, get such good flavor and cooking. Mmmmm, will have to check this place out if I’m ever in Edina.

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