Can’t go wrong with a burger and fries

While in California over the holidays, I felt a little like a “cheater” when I walked through the doors of Five Guys. Being a lover of In-N-Out it was hard to wrap my head around going anywhere else. But Five Guys is my mom’s favorite (I use this term loosely) fast food burger joint. So while the guys were hard at work, Mom and I stopped in to pick up some nourishment for all.

Honestly, all I knew about this place was that Obama liked to eat their while in Washington D.C. during his first campaign season– thus I really had no expectations.

Similar to In-N-Out, Five Guys is brightly lit, donned in red and white and has an open kitchen concept. Other than that, it seems the similarities stop. To start bags of potatos lined the walls ready to be cleaned and made into some fresh cut fries.



And while the options at In-N-Out are on the “Secret Menu”, the options are endlessly listed on the Five Guys menu board– literally endless.



The burger patty was juicy and perfectly cooked. I opted for just about everything on my burger– jalapenos, onions, lettuce, bacon; the works! And it was delicious!


While I am a die hard In-N-Out fan, I must admit this was pretty darn good and there is something to be said that it is accessible here in MN! If you haven’t checked it out, it is definitely worth making a trip to your nearest Five Guys… at least to tide you over until In-N-Out makes their nationwide expanision!

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