Pistachio what?! Seriously? No Seriously!?

Having been under the weather with the flu all last week (yuck!) I was blessed with the delivery of one of my favorite treats of all time… CHEESECAKE! Only this cheesecake had a spin on it; pistachio cheesecake.

This bright green little gem came from Eli’s Food & Cocktails in NE Minneapolis. It was packed with smooth cream cheese and punched a huge pistachio flavor. One of my favorite parts was the texture; not only did it have the traditional firmness but there were bits of crushed pistachio throughout. Additionally, the crust was absolute perfection with just the right amount of butter to hold the crumbs together and keep them moist. That’s not all… the raspberry sauce… oh the raspberry sauce; it was divine. Fresh and clean with just the right amount of tart to counterbalance the nutty cheesecake.

This might have been the best delivery since chocolate milk! Anyway, I have been to Eli’s many times but have never let these green eyes grace the dessert menu– it’s all over now as I have already been craving this since my last bite! YIKES! Dig in!

( http://elisfoodandcocktails.com/ )

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