Previoulsy unnoticed

Do you ever have those moments where you are going about your day as usual and that jumps out at you and you think, “Whoa, that hasn’t always been there?” Only to find it actually has been there… maybe even for years.

I had this moment on my walk into class last night. Making my way through the blustery courtyard outside school last night– I noticed this statue that was all lit up and looking beautiful!


I am uncertain if it stood out because it was illuminated or what exactly caught my attention but it was as though the statue was brand new to me. Turns out  the statue has been in this courtyard for a number of years and I have been too pre-occupied during my route to class to notice.

The statue is called “The Entrepreneur” by Dean Kermit Allison. Once again, it was a nice reminder that while I am busy with balancing school, work and life, I might need to slow it down a bit and take notice of things I so easily look past.



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