Skip the sushi and head to the booth

Last night, the roommate and I headed to Sushi Tango in Uptown to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Nestled on the second floor of the oh-so-empty Calhoun Square, I had very few expectations.

The restaurant was very open with dining and a bar immediatley upon entering. Eveything was dimly lit by large overhead crystal chandaliers with wood surrounds.The menu offered rather traditional rolls and a few  specialty rolls. Similar to the decor, nothing seemed overly enticing but we opted for the following:

  • Spicy Yellow Tail- yellow tail, garlic, chili pepper, sesame oil, cucumber and lettuce
  • Futo-Cucumber, inari, oshinko, spinach, tomago, squash, shitake mushroom and asparagus
  • Caterpillar- Smoked eel and cucumber, wrapped with avocado

Overall I would rate their sushi as “fine”. There was nothing  special or anything that jumped out at me as being an unusual or exciting offering. There was nothing mindblowing about the flavor combinations or the freshness. While our server was spot on, I’m nearly 100% certain I will not go back to Sushi Tango.

 After sushi, our group headed over to Lyndale TapHouse as word on the street was they have a photo booth. I may or may not be somewhat obsessed with photobooths (ideally, the old school ones though these are hard to find). We have a ton of strips plastered to my fridge– from different years, with different people but none with each other. So Ashlie and I spent some time taking quite a few photos… here is a sneak peek…

Obviously, this was not an ounce of fun for us… AT.ALL. Though the sushi was not my favorite, this rounded out the evening on a very positive note–not all is lost!

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