Mastering movie nite

A little over a month ago marked the re-opening of the Uptown Theater on the corner of Lagoon and Hennepin. Having been under construction for quite some time I was waiting with anticipation to see the new digs and I was excited when I heard they would be showing Joaquin Phoenix’s newest movie The Master.

We started across the street with drinks at Williams and then headed over to the theater to catch the late showing. I was so excited that it did not cross my mind to take any pictures. 

The entry was brightly lit and the colors vibrant. It was easy to smell that this place was brand spankin’ new. At the ticket counter we were shown a screen of available seats and allowed to pick where to sit. Once inside the theater you were escorted to your seat– similar to going to a baseball game or something. The chairs were huge and super comfy and the screen extremely large.

While the movie was not what I expected, the theather was awesome and I most certainly would return. Due to my lack of pictures I have included the link below… I recommend checking it out in person!

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