Going green

While I always do my best to get my “greens” this took it to a whole new level…somewhat unplanned.

On Sunday I headed back to Eli’s with a great group of friends and rather than opting for the Bloody Mary (typical), the Tomatillo Cucumber Bloody. I was intrigued. Expecting a fairly green drink I was surpised when it was delivered that it was more a shade of light yellow– almost resembling a mimosa, if you will. That is where the similarities stopped.

I am honestly unable to compare this drink to anything I have ever tried. While is a Tomatillo based drink the clean flavor of the cucumber took center stage. And in true bloody fashion there were some green beans for garnish– also unexpected, they were sweet.

 Then last night I strolled in after a long day of work and class to see my roommate and a friend chatting over a bottle of red wine. It looked delicious. I headed to my room threw on yoga pants and a sweatshirt and went to have a chat. When the girls had finished their glasses of wine our friend Laura asked if we had any mixers as she wanted to make something gin based. Funny enough, Ashlie and I don’t keep mixers on hand– at least nothing complex.

This did not phase our drink artist of a friend– she asked for the following, gin, 2 cucumbers, organic honey, fresh basil and ice. Lo and behold we had all of the ingredients (thank goodness for my garden) and a blender… she was set.

I am not sure what she calls this, so I will refer to it as “The Laura”. The drink was fresh, light and super delicious. It was the perfect combination of cool cucumbers and sweet basil. Best of all it was is pretty healthy AND a drink that Ashlie and I could make ourselves– trust us, we will!



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