Mr. Jones & Me

My first time… making arugula and prosciutto pizza

One of the places I fell in love with while in L.A. was a neighborhood Italian restaurant called Jones in West Hollywood located right on Santa Monica Boulevard. Just down the street from my tour guides place, this cozy place was visited more than once during my weekend getaway.

The ambiance was great dim lighting, large booths, bench and bar seating all the while your senses are tempted by the incredible smell of Italian food. Both nights we went to Jones, the staff was attentive and the delivery time minimal.

On my last night in town we decided to end our night at Jones. We easily found seats at the bar, ordered a couple rounds of Ketel dirty on the rocks (the best), and the “Prosciutto and arugula pizza”. I knew little else of what this pizza would entail as I wasn’t looking at a menu purely going off a trusted recommendation.

I wish I had taken a picture and captured the smells wafting from the pizza as it arrived in front of me. The crust was thin, light and crispy and the toppings were cooked to absolute perfection– not to mention and incredible mix of savory and salty. The texture, mixture of flavor, minimal amount of cheese and lack of sauce made this pizza to die for.




Now it seems I have written a romance novel about a pizza. What can I say I fell in love. I will most certainly head back to Jones next time I am in L.A. but until then I thought it fitting to attempt to recreate the Prosciutto pizza. So here’s the photo recap…












I can honestly say I would only change 2 things— add garlic, slightly toast the crust before topping. Other than that, this was close-ish to the original (for my first try). I will try this again and let you know how it goes! Dig in!













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