Icehouse… not the one you are thinking

My first time at … The Icehouse

On Sunday, my roommate and I headed to Uptown to have brunch with a friend at a newer establishment on Eat Street called The Icehouse Restaurant. I must admit all I could think of was Icehouse beer… (anyone else remember that stuff?) but I promise, this place was much better than the stuff in the can. I digress.

Anyway, having never been to The Icehouse before, I was looking forward to trying something new and in an area of the city that I don’t often frequent. We opted to dine on the patio but on a quick walk through the restaurant, I liked the open air feel of the place as well as the super friendly staff.

The brunch menu looked delectable and made the decision making process somewhat daunting. So in the meantime I thought it only proper to order a drink being brunch and all, I opted for the Bloody Homer. Can you read that description?? Just in case you can it reads as follows:

Bloody Homer- Bacon Bloody Mary garnished with a mini-doughnut– insert clarification here… it’s Maple and Bacon mini doughnut!

Seriously though, this is no joking matter… this is for real

I mean look at that baby!

After seeing this, I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to select a meal. I mean this thing blew my mind. No j.o.k.e. While I was reviewing the menu over and over, the server came back to the table and stated that he had forgotten to tell us the special-essentially 3 mini breakfast burritos on a bed of heirloom tomatoes covered in a green pepper sauce… SOLD.

It was sensational to say the very least. The mixture of tomatoes with the green pepper sauce and the meaty mini burritos–wow serious symphony occurred in my mouth. There were many other options that are always on the menu and I was absolutely thrilled that I tried this instead. There will always be next time for the others… next time you ask? Why yes, I will most certainly be heading back especially after seeing the whiskey menu (not available during brunch waah waah).


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