Lox of Love

My first time… making Lox

When I was in L.A. my favorite tour guide took me to a killer breakfast place called The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard. Now, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day… no matter what time I am eating; needless to say, I was thrilled to try! The lengthy menu made it very difficult to make a decision but I ended up choosing the Deli and Eggs. This entailed “sliced lox, served with red onions, capers tomatoes, a bagel, cream cheese and two eggs”. When it was served it was beautiful and looked so delicious. I was so excited and then so quickly disappointed when I realized that my phone was dead, and there was no camera in my purse. Ugghhh…. REALLY?!?! Just my luck.

So, upon arriving home, I wanted to re-create this little gem at home. Since I try to limit my carb intake I made a few modifications and worked with what I already had at home– lacking eggs, onions, bagels and capers this was still a great treat thought next time I will have all the fixings.

I started with a thin layer of low fat Trader Joe’s cream cheese on Olive Oil and Pepper Triscuits

I then sliced up a home grown tomato from my garden

And put it on top of the triscuits

Next up… it was time for the Nova Salmon, also from Trader Joe’s. I purchased a fillet which was very sliceable and begging to be eaten…

While this was not the Deli and Eggs nor did I have the wonderful company I had at The Griddle Cafe, this simple snack did the trick and will have to suffice until next time.



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