“Paging Dr. Kate”

My first time… at the Signature Cafe

It is hard to believe it but a few weeks back was my friend Kate’s last day at our office. Her departure is bitter as I will miss her dearly, yet sweet because she is heading to Denver to embark on a new adventure– medical school! To help provide her with a fitting send off, we had many “last” lunches, and happy hours.

One of our lunches took place not far from our office at the Signature Cafe.  Nestled in a cute and quiet Minneapolis neighborhood, the cafe is literally is surrounded on all sides with houses and provides a very unexpected oasis.

Fitting to Minneapolis  they had a rather expansive outdoor seating area; especially considering the size of the establishment. The patio was covered in trees and strung with outdoor lights for the evening diners.

There were many enticing options on the lunch menu including both hot and cold options.

Being that we were sitting outside, I went with a cold option; Egg Salad served in a spinach wrap.

The Egg Salad was light yet packed with flavor– it was the perfect blend of mayo and mustard and the were eggs “just right”. Everyone ordered a variety of items from the Greek Salad to the Portabello Sandwich and for the most part everyone was pleased.

Because of the atmosphere, I think this place would shine in the evening. They have wine pairing dinners, and a generous happy hour. The intimate setting would provide a great place to meet a friend for a drink or even for a first date. For us, it was a perfect place for one of our “last” lunches!!

I am so thrilled for Kate– it is not often that you find those who are truly chasing after their dreams. From the moment I met her I knew I liked her. She was fun, upbeat, germ conscious (she had just seen Contagion) and her drive unwavering. I am so honored to count her as a friend and can’t wait to visit her in Denver!  Cheers to the future Dr. Kate S-F!



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