Stuffed… literally

My first time… making stuffed chicken

Last night a friend stopped by to hang out and I decided to cook up a delicious dish for both she and my roommate. On the menu you ask? Gorgonzola and sundried tomato stuffed chicken with asapargus.

I began with a small bowl combining gorgonzola, sun dried tomato paste, salt, pepper and fresh basil. I used the back of a fork to mash and incorporate the ingredients.

Once mixed, I set that aside and it was onto the chicken. I used s sharp knife to create a “pocket” on the top of each chicken breast. In order to create more room within the pocket I used my thumbs to make it somewhat larger; more room for the stuffin’!

Pockets prepared, I used a small spoon to fill the chicken with the gorgonzola sundried tomato mixture and then lightly coated top side of the chicken with about a teaspoon of mayonaise.

The mayonaise is key (though I am sure you could use another condiment if you wish) because I then pressed the coated side of the chicken breast into panko bread crumbs.

Once all chicken breasts were covered I pre heated the oven to 425 degerees and placed the meat in a greased, oven safe dish and popped it in the oven for about 25 minutes.

About half way through the cooking of the chicken I filled a large pot with water and set it on the stove to come to boil. Once boiling (about 3-5 minutes left on the chicken) I threw in fresh, trimmed asparagus. As soon as the 4 or so minutes was up, I dumped the asapargus into a colander and ran them under cold water; this helps to stop the cooking process and ensures the asparagus is at just the right consistency. I returned them to the pot and tossed with parmesan, salt, pepper and olive oil.

While that sat I pulled the chicken from the oven and started plating!

The flavor combination of the gorgonzola and sundried tomatoes mixture was rich but not too rich and incredibley creamy; that mixed with the crispy panko bread crumbs rounded out the texture piece. The asapargus turned out perfect and was a nice light side to pair with the richness of the chicken’s stuffing.

The reviews were glowing and the food devoured so I imagine I will be making this again in the future!


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