“It’s so good when it hits your lips”

My first… Happy Hour at the Spring Street Tavern

While I have been known to frequent the Spring Street Tavern, I have yet to make it during the happy hours of 4-7pm on a weeknight. But last week a few girlfriends and I headed over and I am disappointed I have not made it before.

I knew that the prices were always right, and that the food on both the dinner and breakfast menu are incredible but I was not expecting these incredible deals!

After ordering up a Coors Light, I knew that wings were in my future. While I am normally a saucey wing girl, I opted for the seasoned wing with a side of Spring Street’s very own homemade Bleu Cheese Sauce for the dippin’. The other three opted for the Spring Street Wings and the Buffalo Wings.

Well I most certainly made the right choice for me. The wings came out piping hot, and crispy (think fried chicken) with just the right amount of secret seasoning. They were garlicky, salty, peppery and down right incredible. Absolutley perfect.

On top of that, the Bleu Cheese was divine– there were large chunks of Bleu Cheese and it was rich and creamy with a little kick.

Seriously, this was the perfect way to end my day. A cold beer, great friends, and some delicious food. Honestly, everything I have had at Spring Street is beyond regular bar food. They do a great job, with service quality and prep and this shows greatly with their constantly packed bar and dining room. Without a doubt, I will continue to return not only for their incredible breakfast, but now their wings too!



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