“Ice cream is happiness condensed.” ~J. Adams

My first time… at Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream

The other night a girlfriend and I went to Nami for Happy Hour but after sushi and drinks we had a craving for some ice cream. Uncertain where to go, she suggested Sebatian Joe’s and once I told her I had never been there, she was even more set on heading to Uptown.

Not knowing what to expect we jumped in the car and started driving– beginning to think it was a little crazy that we were getting ice cream when the weather was a cool 40 degrees with a strong breeze, I did have some hesitation; I was quickly reasssured that I would not regret my decision.

Upon walking in I knew this place was legit as the line was long and the clientele diverse. The menu was extensive so I was thankful to have some time to review my choices.

After great deliberation, I opted for a medium 2 scoop in a cup; one scoop Salty Caramel and the other Teddy Graham– yes, you read that correctly… Teddy Graham.

The Salty Caramel was divine to say the very least. The ice cream was very creamy with a hint of salt, the caramel came into play with the sweet and chewy; I know this sounds weird when describing ice cream but think the consistency of a homemade carmel when you are pulling it apart. Got that? Now think of that carmel covered in delicious salty-ish vanilla ice cream– heaven.

The other scoop was completely different though just as mind blowing as the first. The vanilla ice cream was literally laced with crushed Honey Teddy Grahams; I never wanted it to end. I found myself asking how these people could come up with the flavors and combinations they had but then figured that was a road best left untraveled.

Christine had been to Sebastian Joe’s before and she opted for her go-to; Oreo and Salty Caramel combo. Also, delish!

Being someone who typically does not keep sweets at home (as I would eat them all), this makes for a great destination spot. The environment is inviting and the ice cream incredible. With the weather getting warmer I imagine I might become a frequent visitor.

Get to scoopin’!

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