“I been hangingaround this town…”

My first… hanging re-do 

A few months back a girlfriend of mine came over to help me paint my room a sweet shade of gray; Porpoise to be exact. Well since then, I have had nothing hanging on the wall. Nothing. After great searching I found things I already had around the house, and a bright white can of spray paint.

Here’s what I was working with…

After a few coats of spray paint here’s what I ended up with…

Tonight was the night for the hanging. Armed with a ruler, hammer, nails and a light colored Sharpie, all of these beauties were hung with care.

I made sure to include some fun and favorite items of mine– the top right frame houses a beautiful note from my mom on a gorgeous card she got in Hawaii, a wine charm also from my mom (too pretty to gift) and lastly on the bottom right a photo I took in a past photography class.

On the other side I have showcased a brightly colored envelope, a picture of me walking on the beach in Cozumel, and a to die for necklace my dad bought me on our recent trip to Kauai.

I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I love the simple clean lines and it serves as a reminder that beautiful things can be created from items you already have; often it ends up meaning much more.

Happy re-doing!!!

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