Beer and a Burger

My first time… at the Longfellow Grill

A couple weeks back a friend and I decided to catch up over drinks.We opted to head toward the river, and pulled up some chairs on the patio at the Longfellow Grill. I was excited to see that Patio Season has begun and the fact that Longfellow’s patio was bustling had me excited to scope out the menu.

After perusing the extensive beer and drink menu, I selected one of my favorites; Good Island’s Sophie and as usual it was delicious!

Next up, time to order food and after great consideration, I ordered the Blue River Burger. This is typically one of my favorite ways to order a burger so I was looking forward to giving it a whirl.

While the atmosphere was great and the company outstanding, I felt the burger came up a little short. It was a little overcooked and wasn’t very “blue cheesy”. The food that was being served around us looked awesome so I am totally open to trying again just won’t go another round with the Blue River Burger.

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3 thoughts on “Beer and a Burger

  1. David says:

    Bummed you did not love the Blue River Burger!!! Let me make it up to you….stop by again for a burger and a beer on me! Love to make you into a “raving fan” of Longfellow Grill!

    • David,
      I would love that. As I said, the food I saw being served around me looked great, I guess the burger was just not for me. Should I shoot you an email before I come in? I too would love to be a raving fan!! Thanks again, your response shows how much you care about your clientele and business. All the best! ~ Monique

  2. David says:

    Yes, shoot me an e-mail, then I will make sure my manager on duty knows!

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