Feeling Surly?

My first time… at Surly Brewing Company

Over the years more and more brewery’s have found success in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. One of the first the comes to mind is right here in Minneapolis; Surly Brewing Company. Tickets are extremely hard to come by so I was thrilled when my friend Jenelle invited me to tag along with she and a few close friends.

Upon entering for the “tour” you check in, drop off your food donation for the local food shelf and are given 5 tokens for free beer. Thus, we headed right up to the front of the tap room for drinks.

Having tried a few of the Surly beers I opted for one I have not tried; Cynic Ale.

Absolutely DELICIOUS (to say the very least)! Then it as off to the “tour”– I say tour because while the warehouse is rather large, there is not a ton to see. Nonetheless still very cool.

It was then time for intermission aka back to the tap room for more beer… next up… Abrasive Ale. Which was named in honor of founder Omar Ansari’s father’s company which was at one time housed in what is now Surly Brewing Company. This one was a little more amber in its hue and had a fuller bodied taste that the Cynic.

We were most certainly having a great time… excitingly enough, while at intermission there were quite a few people who were unable to stay and gave their tokens to us. It was a hard decision to make but we decided to stay in the tap room and make sure that the tokens did not go to waste.

The fun didn’t stop there…

It was very cool to see the brewery and try all the delicious beers.  It was so fun to hang out with good people, drink up and laugh like crazy. If you get the chance to visit Surly, I would highly recommend it. For more info click the link below. Cheers!!!


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