McRight, for you?

My first time… having “Chicken McBites”

A few weeks back I posted about having made the McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce at home. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a huge proponent of fast food (though it is a must on road trips) but while watching The Bachelor last week I saw a commercial for McDonald’s newest sensation; the Chicken McBites. I knew for the sake of this blog, I had  to try them.

From the get go, I loved the “presentation”. The container was versatile and allowed a significant amount of real estate for your favorite dipping sauce. Now, upon further inspection the poppable this nuggets of deliciousness appear more like the Chicken Selects than the McNugget. And upon first taste, it was confirmed.

While the sauce was delicious (as usual), I was disappointed that these little nugs did in fact NOT taste like nuggets in any way. There was too much breading for my liking.  All the better for my waistline I guess. That being said, if you are a lover of the Selects, you better step right up and get these while you can, apparently, they are only around for a “limited time”  and don’t forget the Hot Mustard!

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One thought on “McRight, for you?

  1. Kristin says:

    I feel the same way about these new McBites… I was calling them McPoppins. I also loved the packaging and the individual holding case for the sauce. Big disappointment in the bites though, I was hoping they would taste like the nuggets!

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