ri(1), Ay?

My first time… having ri1

As a lover of whiskey, I am open to brands, blends, straight and mixed… serve it up anyway you wish, and I am certain I will like it. That was no different the first time I tasted ri brand. For the first tasting simply had it on the rocks. It was smooth, spicy and retained a little sweetness.


If you love the taste of a robust, spicy rye this may not be the drink for you–but if you are like me and like a light Irish or Canadian whiskey, this might be the perfect place to start your love affair with rye. As previously mentioned it is extremely smooth to drink. I prefer it on the rocks with no mixers but should you so choose, add some club soda, dark soda, sour or have your local bartender mix you a cocktail. In my world, this is near perfection.

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