“Celebrate good times… COME ON!”

My first time… cooking steak on the stove

This past weekend was filled with great celebrations. The first was a perfectly planned surprise 30th birthday party for my dear friend Emerson. His wife, Katie did a phenomenal job making arrangements for friends and family to come together and celebrate this killer dude! Pretty cute, huh?

The second was my sweet little Lucas Wiley’s 4th birthday “celebration”. The latter of which involved less pomp, less circumstance, and significantly less alcohol. By less, I mean none. But there was certainly still a celebration to be had. This little “man” has been with me for and through quite a bit. And for that he deserved his annual birthday steak!

I opted for the pan as there has been a cold snap in Minneapolis and I was not about to head outside to the grill. I know he understands, he hates the cold too. Anyway, a little garlic on this bad boy, 5.5 minutes on each side and perfection.

And in under a minute it was gone. Now for those of you who know Luke, no need to worry, all 22lbs of him did not eat that monster steak on his own. He had a canine buddy help him out. But next year, I think I am going to make myself one as well!

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