Burgers, Whiskey, Oysters and Eggs…

My first time…. at The Lowry 

A few weeks back I decided to try a new(er) place that I have driven by a number of times but had never stopped in. I had read and heard rave reviews so I was excited when I was invited to dinner there. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect decor-wise as the building was previously a video store. That being said as soon as I walked in I was surprised by the energy in the space. It was visually stimulating with dim lighting, a lengthy bar and a very welcoming fireplace. Not to mention, the food smelled incredible. Plate by plate passed by me while waiting for a table to open and everything looked incredible.

Situated in a large booth on the front side of the restaurant I could not help but think how cozy this place would be in a snow storm. Huge windows look onto the street and lo and behold there were flakes falling. Anyway, I was thrilled with the menu options and excited to start eating.

For a starter it was the Tuna Poke…

This was by far one of the best appetizers I have ever had in my life. The cool fresh tuna and heat from the wasabi made for a perfect blend that delighted the senses.

For the main course, I opted for the mussels. This is normally one of my favorite dishes at restaurants, no matter how they are prepared it has usually been a home run. And the Lowry’s mussels were no exception. They were in a garlicky, rich red broth and served with grilled toasted for the dipping.

They were incredible. The chef’s at the Lowry did a killer job. If you are a mussel-lover or are looking to try mussels for the first time, I would highly recommend your head to Uptown and order up. You will be in heaven!


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