29 years ago today a man by the name of Aj and a woman by the name of Becky were married at their friends home in Des Moines, Iowa. These two lovebirds are my parents.

It is not your normal fairy tale. They met on a blind date. My mom wasn’t interested. My dad pursued and eventually he got the girl. It wasn’t always smooth sailing nor was it always choppy waters. From the humble beginnings their dreams were big.  They worked, played and loved hard.

I am sure there were days they didn’t like each other. And I am sure there are days they are head over heels in love but no matter what they always picked our family first. Through it all they chose each other, and they chose our family. They always fight for us. They protected and continue to protect all that they created and all that they love.


They have taught me what love is, and how to express it. They have shown me how to pick my battles and how to stand up for what I believe in; to be are open, honest and true to oneself. They love and honor one another and continually show grace in ways I cannot even begin to imagine.

I am so honored to have them as my parents and so grateful for their love. Cheers to you and all there is to come! I love you Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary!



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