Pour one out for this Indian Summer!

My first… time making white sangria

Last weekend Sunday was just begging me to get outside. My next door neighbor Kacie texted me and asked if I would like to watch some football outside. Of course my answer was “YES” but I wasn’t sure how we were going to swing it. Little did I know Kacie had a plan, she did the carrying and I opened the doors!

yup, that's a tiki bar

While watching football, baking in the heat and getting a tan it was hard to believe that it’s October in Minnesota (not that I am complaining). But with heat comes thirst so it wasn’t long before we were concocting–White Sangria that is!

We started by dicing some fresh farmer’s market apples…

watch your fingers Kacie!

And then some strawberries

nom nom nom

Next, we grabbed a large pitcher, tossed in the fruit and added some cheap TJ’s Charles Shaw Chardonnay

Two Buck Chuck

Upon pouring we realized that was not gonna cut it…

needs some work

So we added some Famega Vinho Verde, which is a sparkling white wine


Added a little club soda and walllll-ah

still missin' something

Well, not quite. It seemed a little bland. In order to spice it up a bit we added a little…


and some…

putting it to good use

Garnished with a lime and another taste…


This was the real WALLL-AH! This drink was the perfect drink for the Indian Summer day that we were experiencing. Not only was it fun to make but it was also light, and super refreshing!! Cheers!


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